Forklift Attachments

    We supply a wide range of attachments for forklifts, such as fork extensions, fork jibs, safety cages and container ramps. Our forklift attachments are designed for frequent use in the busiest warehouse environments - so you can rely on them to handle the heaviest loads.

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    Picture of Automatic Drum Lift (500kg)

    Automatic Drum Lift (500kg)

    $684.25 incl GST
    Designed for standard 205 litre steel drums, the fully automatic clamping action on the Arrow Automatic Drum Lift enables safe and precise placement of drums without the operator having to leave the drivers seat.
    Arrow 2-in-1 Container Ramp (Refrigerated & Standard)

    2-in-1 Container Ramp 6.5 Ton (Refrigerated & Standard)

    $1,506.50 incl GST
    The Arrow 2-in-1 multi-functional container ramp is designed to work on all container types - both standard and refrigerated (reefer) containers.
    Arrow Warehousing Container Ramp (Extended)

    Container Ramp 8 Ton (certified)

    $1,495.00 incl GST
    The extended length container ramp is designed for standard containers including high cube versions. The longer length allows for shallower entry into containers.
    Arrow Container Ramp Standard

    Container Ramp 6 Ton (Certified)

    $845.25 incl GST
    The Arrow container ramp is designed for standard containers including 40ft and 20ft as well as high cube versions. It is certified to 6 tonnes and includes anti-slip safety chains for added safety.

    Forklift Attachments