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Choosing the right pallet jack - our top 6 sellers

Choosing the right pallet jack - our top 6 sellers

We sell over 12 types of pallet jacks at Arrow, so it can be a little confusing to choose the right one for your business! Getting it right depends on the types of things you are moving and how often you’re doing it.

There are so many reasons to choose each different pallet jack, so we've ranked our top 6 sellers to help you out.

POPULARITY (from most popular)

  1. Arrow 2.5T CHEP 4-Way Pallet Jack – this is our best-selling jack because it does almost everything for a great price.  It is a standard size, so will insert into almost all pallets - front on.  If you use CHEP pallets, you can also lift pallets from the side.  Fork width (outer) is 550mm.
  2. Arrow 2.5T FAST PUMP CHEP 4-Way Pallet Jack – our favourite jack because it has the all-round abilities of the jack above, plus it lifts at DOUBLE the speed of most jacks on the market! Great if you have a busy warehouse or just have no patience!  Fork width (outer) is 550mm.
  3. Arrow 2.5T WIDE 2-Way Pallet Jack – the preferred choice if you have heavy products such as liquids, engine parts or even beehives! The extra wide forks adds stability and makes it quicker to move around heavy items. Fork width (outer) is 685mm.
  4. Arrow 2.5T SHORT CHEP 4-Way Pallet Jack  the shorter forks make this ideal where space is tight.  Most pallets are 1.2m long and the forks on this jack are 1m, so while carrying ¾ of the pallet is ok with light loads (under 150kg), heavier loads will need the standard pallet jack.
  5. Pallet Jack Scales (550m wide and 685mm wide)– use these where you need to move and weigh pallets at the same time.  Popular where you are weighing pallets for export or need to provide very accurate weigh data for transport.

Why are our jacks so cheap? It's because when you buy from us, you're buying direct. No pesky middle men or fancy shops.  Just good products!

If you rather talk to us, no worries - we’re available on 09 270 3406.

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