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Do I need "Trade Approved" scales?

Do I need "Trade Approved" scales?

At Arrow Warehousing, we sell stock scales that are labelled as ‘Trade Approved’.  Customers often ask us what this means and if they need ‘Trade Approved’ scales for their business.

If you are packaging or selling goods by weight, measure or number, in the domestic market, according to the Weights and Measures Act 1987 your scales must be ‘Trade Approved’.

‘Trade Approved’ scales have been examined by Trading Standards (a government agency) to be suitable for trade and they believe that they will not facilitate fraud.

Because of the rigorous testing and quality standards undergone to meet the government requirements, Trade Approved scales are usually more expensive than others.

Some scenarios of business situations requiring Trade Approved Scales are below: 

Scales Scenario

Retail Pricing Scales 15kg

Retail Pricing Scales 30kg

Weighing and pricing items by unit of weight (usually kg or g).
i.e. Apples at $5 per kg.
150kg Platform Scales
Sale of pre-packaged goods with a minimum stated weight of a larger weight.
i.e. Selling 10kg of salmon steaks for $100.

6kg Precision Scales

3kg Precision Scales

Sale of pre-packaged goods with a minimum stated weight that is very fine.
i.e. selling 100g of food stabilizer powder

Weighing & Counting Scales – 15kg

Weighing & Counting Scales – 30kg

A specified number of items for a specified price.
i.e.10 metal washers for $2.



It is a legal requirement for all weighing and measuring equipment for Trade Approved scales to be stamped with a ‘Mark of Verification’.  This works in a similar way to your car’s Warrant of Fitness.

A ‘Mark of Verification’ can be given by an Approved Person (see a list of AP’s here) after they confirm the scales are true and accurate by a simple test.  After purchasing Trade Approved scales, you need to have this test conducted.

A ‘Mark of Verification’ must be renewed annually and usually costs between $85 to $180 per check.   Please contact us should you need this service.

Only ‘Trade Approved’ scales can be stamped with a mark of verification.

At Arrow Warehousing, all our scales are tested to the highest standards before being sold.  That means every scale is accurate and correct.  We can always provide a Calibration Certificate that backs this should you require it.

Information sourced from Consumer Protection.

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