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Pallet Stackers – the forklift on a budget

Pallet Stackers – the forklift on a budget

So you’ve setup your small warehouse and you’re getting some orders.  Up until now you’ve been borrowing your neighbours forklift or hand stacking everything to the shelves, but it’s time you figured out a permanent solution.  And the last thing you need is to be “forking” out $20 grand for an expensive forklift that hardly gets used!

That’s where Pallet Stackers maybe a great solution.  Easy to use, fast, safe and best of all, cheap!  And you don’t need a forklift licence to use one.

What is a Pallet Stacker?

Sometimes called Hand Stackers, Pallet Stackers come in electric lift or manual lift varieties.  They lift pallets up and down like a forklift, but are counterbalanced with front feet as opposed to a forklift being weighted at the back.

This allows you to manoeuvre it in tight spaces where a forklift may not be able to reach. It makes it great for very small warehouses where turning circles are tight.

You move the stacker with human push and pull power. This simple method eliminates the need for heavy and expensive engines, hydraulics and drive trains.

Electric vs Manual Pallet Stackers

The big difference between these models is the speed of lift.

Typically Electric Stackers can lift 3 times faster than manual lift but are more expensive (around double the price). So if you are moving pallets once or twice a day, manual stackers will do the job for the least cost.

If you are lifting more often than twice a day, we recommend the electric type as the time cost saving of the electric variety will pay itself back over time being used.

Other considerations

Some other things to note about Pallet Stackers:

  • Because of the counterbalancing feet at the front, you must:
    • Use an open bottom pallet to avoid the stacker ripping the pallet apart.
    • Use a raised surface with space below to drop pallets.  This could be pallet racking or another pallet to drop onto.
  • Have a clean yard and warehouse. Stackers have small wheels are stones can really be a nuisance when you’re moving a full load!

Check out our full range of Pallet Stackers here.

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